Family strength.

Smiley thoughts: Ashley has been in Korea and Sadie is in Alaska. Megan, Rochelle and I are in Cedar Rapids, and Danny, Annie, Danisha, and Bob are in Ames. Carly is in Waterville, Kaley is in Cedar Falls, and Allie is in Kentucky. Patrick just got back from New York and Brian and Maddie are […]

Collecting yourself:

Numb. In high school I would get that bad news; that sinking news and my stomach would just drop. That’s how my body reacted to things when something was about to change or has changed. No matter if it was something unexpected with my family or something I’d been thinking about and had fears about […]

Whirlwind—-the youngin’ whirlwind.

After high school: A whole lot of things change. You’re not limited to just that town or just that little brick building anymore. Your mindset is exactly what it’s supposed to be in high school- your boyfriend or girlfriend and how seeing them after every period is the normal, your locker com and becoming a […]

Oh, Iowa. #2 Journalism Post.

I can’t help but laugh and love it— The people who complain about our weather and the climate Iowa has. You live in Iowa- what do you expect?! I told mom today, “the weather has been very fitting to me- mood swings galore.” And it is so true… Just goes to say that ya really […]