The first one in my title—Music. I absolutely love it. I love how it can turn your whole day around. You blare it in your room and just clean like a mad woman. (that’s what I do when I blare my music and don’t have or am putting off the homework I should do.) I love the inspirational feeling it gives you- the feeling that you belong to something and you’re connecting to something. It’s not just the lyrics, it’s the fact that you can sing however badly and loud you want and dance however much or little you want and just be free in the moment. The lyrics do and always will have that lasting touch, too.

But– there comes a time when I say, “Tay, you don’t even have to press the play button on your Pandora..” Because I listen to what’s going on.. total silence. Right now I can hear the beating of my fingers onto the keyboard, but that is all. Not a siren, (now ones going to start, now that I said that), not a voice, not a door- nothing. And it’s a time to just take in the day you just had and look forward to waking up in your nice warm bed the next morning to a new day, putting your feet on the ground, and refreshing- all over again.

The silence, though. There’s something about the fact that you can control how much noise you hear. It’s like  you’re able to control exactly what is going through your head and you are controlling how you’re life is going to go. You have full control of how you take on that silence and take full advantage of it. I’m sure I will appreciate it even MORE when I’m a mom of 4 or so kids 🙂

I just love that you can escape from absolutely everything for awhile and just sit there to take in everything and collect your thoughts. My favorite (one of the 30) Pandora station isn’t playing, I’m not tempted to go to Netflix and start another episode of Parenthood, everybody is quietly and probably asleep in their rooms, and I can just marvel at how so many things have changed over the past just two months. That’s what silence can do for you.

You can look at something that you’ve been stressing about for that month and just breathe and know that really, everything is going to be okay. Because you have that moment and that clarity of what you’re going to do next.

I think this is the time where you count your blessings- because there are so many things you are blessed with in life. Whether its the fact that your car started that morning or you got out of class a half hour early and you can actually get the thing in you thought about the day before but didn’t have time. Little blessings—they all lead to something, and sometimes an even bigger blessing.

Clinical in the next town over when you’re not so impressed about it at first, but realize in the hospital with your father that that’s the reason you’ve been placed only 20 minutes away- to be with him the month he’s confined to a hospital room and long hallways.

Just to realize and say to your sister “Now I know why my clinical was there…” or, “This is why brother didn’t advance to sectionals wrestling.” You have the that tiny little moment of silence where you realize something so enlightening and then you have these moments of silence where you can just sit in your bed, pound away on your keyboard, and not have a single ounce of want or need to play music or a TV show. Because that’s the type of noise you’ve been listening to all day.


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