Whirlwind—-the youngin’ whirlwind.

After high school:

A whole lot of things change. You’re not limited to just that town or just that little brick building anymore. Your mindset is exactly what it’s supposed to be in high school- your boyfriend or girlfriend and how seeing them after every period is the normal, your locker com and becoming a pro at it, opening it within 5 seconds, the people that kick your knee in whenever you’re AT your locker and knowing exactly who it is each time because its the same time of each day. High school is home for a lot of people. It teaches you a good school work ethic, but you find out once you graduate from those doors and you’re free- it’s a little more scary than you thought.

Those three months between high school and college may be the months you want to celebrate because, well hell, it’s Summer. That’s how every senior who is about to move away from the familiar face of home and their friends feels. But, something that is incredibly hard to do at that age, and something I wished I would’ve done a better job of is preparing myself.

Yes- it’s college. It’s what you’re supposed to do after high school. “What are your plans?” That’s the prime question your senior year. But in my view- and maybe it was just how I looked at it and how I perceived it, college is so incredibly serious- and it’s something that a lot of 3 months-ago-high schoolers rush into, and they don’t even know it. No- you do not have to know your major going into school. That may even be better than having your heart set on something and going for it. It all depends on the person… But when choosing that school, you have to see all of it- by all of it I mean- you have to look at absolutely everything it has to offer you. You can’t just choose a school for a new environment, new atmosphere, or a new change. You have to be able to look at like “this is my education- who do I want to be??”

And the coolest thing about it is- that can change. As my cousin told me, college is where you mature. That is why you go to college; so you can mature and find out who you’re supposed to be and who you are- what your core is. And I tell you what- that is exactly right. I looked back on it last semester as a whirlwind of “THIS WAS TOO MUCH”, and “I WASN’T READY FOR THIS.” But— when are you going to be ready?? Those three months between your high school and a completely different city with completely different people is nowhere close to being enough time to adjust, but ya gotta start somewhere, don’t ya?

That song ‘I love college’- it’s true. But it’s not the drinking and the sex and everything else that song portrays- you love college because it gives you the book of all of the different opportunities you have, and you just choose them. That’s easy- you choose what you have loved and have had passion for, and you choose what seems interesting, and you go with it. THAT is why college is so amazing. Each year- and I mean it, each year- you change. You see things differently, you mature. You look back on freshman year and think “how in the hell did I do that?” SO MUCH has happened over those last two years and you don’t even remember how you got through it- the classes, the stress, the sadness from being away from home- the transitions. That’s what it comes down to- the transitions.

The cool thing about it is though, that people can look at you and see exactly who you’re going to become and how far you’re going to go. They sense the potential and they just look at you with a glimmer in the eye that says, this girl, she’s got somethin’. That’s what keeps you going… no matter what life throws at you in college, it’s there for a purpose. You learn more about yourself than you could at any other time in your life. These years are the ones that you get to embrace and cherish, because they are the ones that are really molding you. You’re young- you’re free- you’re open to anything and absorbing everything. That’s what college is about- right there. Not the fact or mere thought that you’re changing- because that’s how you get from year one to year two. And then, wadya know, you’re halfway done with the typical college degree.

That’s what I’ve learned from college. Not just that degree, but everything around it; the little things. Those little things are just as important. Those three months between high school and college are little, but they are important too. Because the worlds waiting for you, and now you have three months to figure out how you want to dive in đŸ™‚


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