Oh, Iowa. #2 Journalism Post.

I can’t help but laugh and love it—

The people who complain about our weather and the climate Iowa has. You live in Iowa- what do you expect?! I told mom today, “the weather has been very fitting to me- mood swings galore.” And it is so true… Just goes to say that ya really have to get used to your plans changing darn quick because of the weather. The past two years; this year the most, it has not failed to surprise me. We had 60 degree weather in December.. well, it was around there. Then the next day there’s snow everywhere. So, when people complain, I just laugh at them- you are in Iowa.

I wonder if Wisconsin has been this up and down with their weather too? They can’t say they had storms one day and a snow storm the next… I mean, I know I get delight out of the smallest, stupidest things, but seriously, weather is one of them and this year has definitely been a grade A+. I love falling asleep to rain and waking up to thunder one morning, and waking up to a possible snow day the next. Like I said, I’m a woman, so I’m used to a little mood swing. Is that sexist?? 😉

Also, goes to show how quickly things can change. And it may be kinda ridiculous, but Iowa weather has showed me that. Appreciate the sun and 50 degree weather, because the next day there is probably gonna be ice everywhere. 🙂

No matter where I go, I will always miss good old Iowa.


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