Here’s to thought after thought after thought, solved one at a time. #1 Journalism Post.

Taylor Grangaard


Introduction to Journalism, BlogPost #1.


Even though there are millions of things floating around in my head, and I just wanna solve all of them at one time, I always seem to just live in the moment and figure out, “well, how do I solve this one?” For example, this weekend. No school, most people work, (which is something I need to pick up on as a probably part-time job, with set hours every weekend), but my weekends always seem to be the whole, “what’s it gonna be this weekend?”, which is something I’m still getting used to, and heck, I’m a Junior in college. Mom isn’t exactly happy about my not having the part time job every weekend, but it’s taken some time to adapt to college life and not live at home anymore. I love, love, love the independence, which is the weird part, but at the same time, I feel almost too independent. Like, there’s so many options and places I can go. That’s when I ask myself, “well wadya wanna get done this weekend, tay?”

Of course, I answer, “I’d like to figure out what I wanna do for the rest of my life- where I wanna be.” I foresee so many things, but don’t really know how to sort it all out. Which pretty much goes back to the whole living in the moment and taking my problems and thoughts out one at a time. Again, that drives my mom, dad, and sister crazy, but their getting used to it. You go to college to figure out what you wanna do for the rest of your life- you just dive into what you like and what you’re passionate about, and go from there. But as time goes on, your passions change. Not completely like a change of heart, but they change in little ways, which makes for big thoughts and big questions as to if you’re doing the right thing. They call that second guessing, right? I’m never been very good at second guessing, especially when it comes to such a big decision. What I’m finding out is that if you’re second guessing something, you should either change what you’re doing entirely, or just change small tid-bits, and it can still make you, you.

So, what I’m getting to right now, is that I’m in the process of figuring out how I can take all of those small tid-bits and piece them into exactly what I am and what I’m gonna be doing after my college career. That’s what college is all about, really and as I said before, I’m really realizing this, and it’s become extremely clear because I’ve experienced it personally, in my Junior year. There’s a time for everything, though, which could easily be another topic for me to ramble on about at another time.


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